The topic of "sustainability" is becoming increasingly important in society, including for all small businesses through to corporations. The calculation of emissions, individual customer requirements, compliance with national and international environmental standards and many other specifications and requirements form the basis for supporting climate protection and sustainable corporate management. Every beginning therefore begins with a meaningful analysis that can be evaluated and analyzed using standards and guidelines.

  • Were you confronted with the topic of "sustainability" for the first time in your company?
  • Requirements for your company and in the supply chain (Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG))
  • Which methods & requirements are most important for the company?
  • How do you implement a sustainability concept in the company?
  • etc.

Many unanswered questions that speak in favor of sustainability management in your company.

Implement sustainability management

Our services in the area of sustainability

SAQ 5.0 - Automotive
CO2 balancing / CO2 Footprint
Energy Audit DIN EN 16247

TopQM philosophy on sustainability

Every manufacturer, distributor and user of goods and products and services including all suppliers of raw materials, about the production, the use phase up to the recycling have from From TopQM-Systems' point of view, the obligation of a sustainable ecological, to consider economic and social demands worldwide

            Andreas Redaoui

Reports & protocol

Customer and industry requirements are often proven by means of reports, documentation and logs, among other things. Here you will find an overview of reports on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the CR report, among others. [...]

association & institutions

The sustainability goals are represented by many institutions, networks and associations. These are often also publishers of industry requirements. Here you will find an overview of, among other things, Drive Sutainability and CSR Europe. [...]

UN Global Goals

In October 2015, at the United Nations in New York, 193 UN member states committed to adhering to the "Agenda 2030" with 17 defined sustainability goals (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) and to achieve 169 individual goals together. [...]

Further Services for Sustainability


System Audit Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-120

ISO 14001 Environmental Management
On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote
System Audit Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-125

ISO 45001 Health, Safety, Environment Audit (HSE)
On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote
System Audit Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-130

ISO 50001 Energy Management
On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote
System Audit Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-140

DIN EN 16247 Energy Audit
On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote
Preparation Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-010

Audit Pre-Check-up & Preparation
On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote
Follow up Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-200

Audit Follow-up & Plausibility check
On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote
Follow-up Remote possible

Audit-Id: 10-210

Audit Effectiveness Check (Validation Audit)
On-Site audit On-site
Remote audit Remote

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