SAQ 5.0 Guideline for sustainability

Self-Assessment Questionnaire

SAQ 5.0 is a self-assessment on sustainability in an Internet platform jointly developed by OEMs for all global suppliers.

These companies are expected to adhere to and endorse these automotive industry guidelines for improving sustainability.

Here is a brief overview of the SAQ 5.0 main chapters:

  • managing directors
  • working conditions and human rights
  • health and safety at work
  • business ethics
  • environment
  • supplier management
  • responsible sourcing of raw materials

To do this, the supplier must upload the supporting documents for the respective company guidelines and their training certificates for each chapter in this platform.


requirements for your Company

What should I do?

The focus here is in particular on the consideration of the corporate management of the ecological, economic and social sustainability aspects.

Achieving the "SAQ 5.0 Sustainability Rating" is a new benchmark for supplier approval and is also decisive for new projects.


What should I do?

1. For new projects, request to participate in the SAQ4.0 self-assessment

2. You will usually receive an invitation code for the NQC platform

3. Participation in the SAQ5.0 assessment

4. Uploading supporting documents and training certificates

5. Consideration of customer-specific requirements (additional OEM requirements)

6. Evaluation and feedback of the assessment results

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  • SAQ5.0 GAP Analysis
  • implementation of missing documents
  • training of your staff
  • evidence, instructions & certificates from TopQM-Systems
  • use of TopQM templates & know-how

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For a successful implementation we recommend the following steps


Free of charge - determination of your expectations - task, Urgencies - concept offer for implementation

SAQ 5.0 GAP-analysis

Existing standards / certifications - company guidelines - training certificates - based on the SAQ 5.0 checklist and the customer-specific additional requirements of VW, BMW, Daimler, Volvo, etc.

result Report

Deviations from the SAQ standard - company guidelines - recommendations for action

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