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Digitize management - what does that mean?

Do you know it too? Your management system is currently managed with various programs to monitor evaluations, all documents and tasks and to communicate them in your company? Do you write a lot of e-mails or discuss some potential verbally in order to then enter it in the various programs? Or do you even have your management system with the QM manual in the closet in printed form using the good old and seemingly secure method?

However, this is not consistent with future-oriented sustainability, improvement and effectiveness.


Digitizing the management system sustainably and centrally means

  • to create a secure basis for effective communication and cooperation in the company,
  • to create a user-oriented document management for each employee individually, but also to neglect the centrally required document management,
  • to create a task management system that makes it easier to assign tasks and assign them in a targeted manner,
  • integrated process management as the basis for certified management systems

Advantages of a digital management system

Digitization means change in the daily work environment, but even if at first glance it seems like it would mean more work, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages:


  • Savings in IT infrastructure (server, IT security software no longer required)
  • Optimization / simplification of document management​
  • Automation of administrative procedures / processes
  • Modern management system with attractive design options based on SharePoint ​
  • Data backup by Microsoft (servers are GDPR compliant and located in Europe)
  • Access from any device (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.)​
  • Central action management​
  • Expandable / adaptable at any time
  • Central communication platform MS Teams​
  • User management with rights assignment
  • User-dependent availability of information, data, documents, etc


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