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Audit Follow-up & Plausibility check

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Follow up

What does our Audit Follow-up & Plausibility check offer?

Many audit results can lead to an important decision, such as certification, supplier release, project award or a de-escalation from quality notification. In any audit even without any external influences a high number of in improvements which can make your processes more effective and efficient will be identified.

To have experienced experts from TopQM-Systems on hand will put you and your organisation in a good situation for the follow-up from any audit.

Our experienced auditors will support you during the professional follow-up from TopQM-System Audits as well as third-party audits.

  • Identification of the root cause and corrective measures by the audited organisation.
  • Workshop to identify root causes and define countermeasures.
  • Moderation of regular meetings to implement corrective actions
  • Workshops focused on individual processes in the audited organisation.

TopQM-Systems let you systematically identify the potential improvements from any audit!

Act now, don‘t wait for the auditors!