Co2 balancing  &  Co2 Footprint

The "CO2 footprint" is a value or a calculation result for the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions that arise directly and indirectly from a product, considering the entire product life cycle, from a person (depending on lifestyle), or from a company. This value is also understood under the term "CO2 balance".


Our CO2 Consulting steps

Where are you currently?

A short-term competent statement on your CO2 balance Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF).

your strategy for success

Design and define your CO2 strategy.

Your data & results

Detailed data collection with reporting according to GHG-P or ISO 14064-1 and compensation through CO2 certificates.

Ambitious action

Ambitious action to reduce and avoid GHG - based on SBTI / PAS 2060.

Your success! neutrality

Certificate creation by an independent body according to ISO 14064-1 / GHG Protocol.

DIN EN ISO 14064-1 Organizational/Company

Level Part 1 Specification with guidance for quantifying and reporting greenhouse gas emissions and removals at the organization/company level (Carbon Footprint for Organization = CFO)

DIN EN ISO 14064-2 Project/Event Level

Part 2 Specification providing guidance for quantifying, monitoring and reporting reductions in greenhouse gas emissions or increases in removals at the project/event level

DIN EN ISO 14064-3 Third-Party Assessment

Part 3 Specification providing guidance on validation and verification of greenhouse gas claims

DIN EN ISO 14067 Product Level

Carbon Footprint for Products (CFP)


Our Support

Are you aiming for CO2 neutral or positive and would like to take a meaningful step in the area of sustainability? No matter whether there is a need for action for customer orders or you want to achieve CO2 neutrality from your own vision.

We are happy to offer you a CO2 balance as part of our sustainability consulting.

Talk to us about this, we look forward to a non-binding and free consultation with you!

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