Online Consulting via MS Teams

Take advantage of our online consulting services for questions that arise, clarification of a standard requirement, interpretation of customer requirements, mediation of an issue in an overarching team, or issues that arise at short notice.

Topics, for example, which do not necessarily require an on-site visit:

  • Interpretation of a requirement (9001, 14001, 50001, IATF 16949, AIAG CQI ...)  
  • Interpretation and understanding of a customer requirement (VDA 6.3, QAA, CQI...)
  •    Create awareness on a specific topic on which a third opinion is desired
  •    Aligning process content to see if it meets the state of expectations and requirements
  •     Short trainings and support on desired topics (e.g. What are AIAG CQI xx guidelines, ...)
  •   Design and development of training- or audit programs
  •   Discussions about best practice approaches (e.g. IATF, AIAG CQI, VW Formula Q, ... )
  •  Analyze contract contents of e.g. QSV and agree on need for action (no legal advice)
  •     …


Our online Support

Via microsoft teams our automotive and management-systems experts can help where support is needed at the moment.

No travel, no exhausting meetings. Just fast, compentent and effective support.

This allows you to arrange appointments with our experts easily and flexibly, without the need for a commercial offer for each process.

We look forward to getting to know you in an online meeting.

Further Services

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