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Understanding AIAG CQI Self Assessment

Modul 3.0

ID 03-015
Language English
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AIAG licensed

This seminar is a licensed group-based seminar coordinated with the AIAG and valid for all CQI standards CQI-9, CQI-11, CQI-12, CQI-15, CQI-17, CQI-23 and CQI-27. The seminar documentation distinguishes between the different CQI standards. The CQI  standards are taught individually by the course instructors in individual and team projects. The seminar has a variable setup according to the AIAG CQI seminar principle, meaning that different CQI standards can be taught in a single seminar.

Seminar contents

+ AIAG CQI information
+ Structure of CQI self assessment
+ Activity packages handouts
+ Main audit questionnaire
+ Job audit application
+ Special processes
+ Team and individual assignments
+ Exchange of experience

Please specify your focus during your registration (see following options; max. 3 standards):

1) «Understanding the Heat Treat, Soldering and Welding Special Process System Assessment»
2) «Understanding the Plating and Coating Special Process System Assessment»
3) «Understanding the Molding Special Process System Assessment »
4) «Understanding teh Casting Special Process System Assessment »

Target group

Automotive suppliers, project managers, project team members, advance quality planning and work preparation personnel, project and production supervisors, inspection and process planners, supervisors, auditors, technicians, quality managers, engineers, series producers, developers, quality supervisors, quality administrators, quality management officers, skilled workers from the processes.


No special prior knowledge is required.

Seminar documents

TopQM-Systems seminar documents (digital) in the respective seminar language.
Depending on the CQI standard selected, you will receive the AIAG CQI standard in PDF format in English.
Price: One CQI standard included. Each additional standard is charged at €100. 
A maximum of 3 standards are possible.
You can obtain the CQI standard as a book + the Excel table directly at


Each participant will receive an AIAG/TopQM Certificate.

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