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April 04, 2024

AIAG APQP 3. Revision - Control Plan 1. Revision

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AIAG introduces the third revision of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), which aims to learn lessons from past product launches and pave the way for the evolution to ACE (Autonomous, Connected, Electric) technologies.

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Free Information Event APQP:2024 3.Edition & Controlplan:2024 1.Edition

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25.04.2024 /German 09:00-10:00 

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27.05.2024 / German language 09:00-10:00 Uhr

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TopQM training courses on the new APQP and control plan:

02-115 // APQP 3rd REVISION 2024 & ControlPlan 1st Edition 2024 UPDATE (1 Day)

02-120 // APQP 2024 3RD REVISION & CONTROL-PLAN 1ST EDITION METHODOLOGY & Best Practice (2 Days)



The Essence of the Update

  • Learning & Innovation: Capitalizing on previous issues and bridging knowledge gaps, especially for "new technology" suppliers unfamiliar with APQP.
  • Control Plan Reimagined: Not only has the Control Plan been split into a separate document, but it's also been enriched with in-depth guidance and frequent updates reflecting the ongoing evolution in automotive products and processes.
  • Enhanced Sections: New segments, including Sourcing and Change Management, each equipped with detailed checklists or examples.
  • Gated Management: Comprehensive documentation checklists for each "gate" review, aligned with typical program milestones.


Diving into Control Plan Changes

In Chapter 1, amidst other content/changes, key insights include:
  • Special Characteristics: Introducing the use of a "correlation matrix" and procedures for handling customer-designated "key" or "critical" characteristics.
  • Pass-Through Characteristics: Mandating a process for identifying and ensuring control throughout the supply chain and communication of control methods to customers.
  • Directed Supply: Ensuring organizations glean necessary information from suppliers to develop their control plan, barring specifications from a mutually signed agreement.

Chapters 2 through 4 delve deeper into facets like Developing Control Plans, Control Plan Stages, and the Effective Use of Control Plans, respectively. Vital additions and clarifications, such as "Safe Launch" requirements, a detailed breakdown of phases in developing control plans, and multiple topics on the effective use of QMS, stand out.



In the wake of significant updates to the Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) by AIAG, TopQM Systems proudly introduces a specialized training program, crafted to arm your team with both the knowledge and practical skills necessary to navigate these comprehensive revisions.

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  • Adaptable Learning: Tailored courses to cater to all learning stages, from beginner to advanced.

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