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From VDA 6.3:2016 to VDA 6.3:2023 – Upgrade (ID333)

ID 07-070
Language English
Clock 4 hours
VDA licensed

This upgrade training covers the alterations to VDA 6.3 (2016 edition) including updates to the questionnaire, changes to the evaluation, changes to the potential analysis and other adjustments.

Seminar contents

  • Revision of the questionnaire
  • Consideration of software aspects in the questionnaire – Interface between hardware and software for products with integrated (embedded) software
  • Requirements for purchasing activities in P3 and P4
  • Notes on conducting remote audits
  • Reassignment of “*-questions”
  • Changes in the potential analysis
  • Content harmonization with Automotive SPICE and maturity level assurance for new parts (VDA MLA)

Target group

VDA 6.3 (2016) Process Auditors


Qualification as process auditor VDA 6.3 (2016)

Seminar documents

VDA-QMC presentation


Participants who pass the multiple-choice test at the end of the training will receive a certificate of qualification.


Exam repetition 59.- Euro for ID333 (07-070).

The first retake of the exam should take place within 4 weeks (28 days) after the training course; the second retake - within 2 weeks (14 days) after the 1st retake. If this deadline is not met, the 4-day training ID 381 must be repeated.

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