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TopQM Warranty Process Field (Defective Parts and Problem Analysis) / NTF

ID 07-095
Language English
Clock 1 day

In this seminar we will discuss the topic that,in the use phase of products in the field, may deviate from the expected state. Depending on the incident, the components or vehicle components identified as faulty are exchanged, and are requested by the manufacturer (OEM) or supplier for analysis. This process is referred to as a defective part analysis field. We teach them expertise in implementing the field effect analysis methodology in their work environment.

Seminar contents

+ Damage Analysis Field Tape (Partial Damage Analysis Field Band) 
+ The damage analysis process, procedure and findings 
+ Safe and unsafe processes / process dispersion and control 
+ NTF process (no trouble found) 
+ Problem solving processes 
+ Implementation in the company 
+ Evaluation and data collection 
+ Damage part analysis and NTF in the QM system 
+ Group work and exchange of experience 

Target group

Employees (mwd) from purchasing,  development, warranty, quality assurance, production and sales of the automotive industry 


No special prior knowledge is required.

Seminar documents

Paper copy of TopQM-Systems seminar materials. 


Each participant receives a certificate.