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VDA 6.3 Process Audit Potential Analysis (P1)

ID 10-020
Language English
Process Audit

For whom do we provide VDA 6.3 Potential analysis (P1)?

For all strategic and operational purchasing departments, worldwide operational OEMs and customers in both automotive and non-automotive supply chains, applicable for supplier selection, release of new supplier locations or the assessment of new manufacturing technologies at a supplier. You can rely on our many years of competence in auditing suppliers in the automotive sector.

What is the purpose of a VDA 6.3 Potential Analysis (P1)?

As a customer you receive:

  •     A neutral view of potential new suppliers
  •     An insight into the capabilities, competences and risks of new suppliers.
  •     A cross-section of the product and process development with project management, supplier management value-adding processes all the way to customer service.
  •     An impression of how your customer requirements are implemented at suppliers.
  •     A risk assessment of all suppliers in the selection process.
  •     Improvements to your internal supplier selection process.
  •     Comparable results for internal and external benchmarking.


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