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Supplier qualification, pre-series planning, series support, error management, crisis management, production management, interim support, AIAG CQI standards, technical cleanliness


For more than 20 years, TopQM-Systems has been supporting small and medium-sized companies, but also well-known companies from the automotive industry, in the area of supplier management.


Thanks to our many years of experience in advance quality planning, new series launches, process acceptance and error management, we know the requirements and wishes of your customers very well and make you “TopQM-Fit” for robust series processes.


Our team will be happy to support you in the implementation of future-oriented and robust business processes.


Supplier qualification

Pre-series planning & support service for series production

Error & crisis management

Production management

AIAG CQI audits and auditor training

AIAG CQI Self-Assessments

As one of the market leaders in Europe, long-standing AIAG member and licensed training partner, we have been conducting CQI process audits and CQI auditor training courses at large T1 + T2 automotive suppliers across the entire process chain since 2007.



Your benefits

Included in our training courses


AIAG CQI original content of the standard in German in printed version if you attend our AIAG licensed seminar "Understanding AIAG CQI Self Assessment"


As an official AIAG training partner, we have written approval to publish the CQI standards as training material in the course of license training, taking copyright into account.

Included in an audit


Contents of the Excel questionnaire including the job audit process tables, main audit questions and the cover sheet in German


TopQM-Systems audits your company and your subcontractors according to the AIAG standards. Our auditing concept is based on an audit checklist from the original AIAG-CQI guide translated by TopQM-Systems and offers you practical "on the job" training for your employees during the audit. On request, you can also receive the audit report in the respective national language.

AIAG CQI Trainings

Here is an overview of our AIAG CQI auditor training, courses & update training - online or on site!


Here you will find an overview of our AIAG CQI Special Processes Self-Assessments (Audits) - remotely or on site!

our AIAG CQI competence Center 

You can find meaning, application and more information about each CQI standard at

Unsere Unterstützung

Mit systematischen Lieferantenmanagement und präventivem Qualitätsmanagement beugen wir Fehlern bei Ihren Lieferanten vor:

  • Lieferantenqualifikation
  • Vorserienplanung
  • Serienbetreuung
  • Fehlermanagement
  • Krisenmanagement
  • Produktionsmanagement
  • Interimsunterstützung
  • AIAG CQI-Normen
  • Technische Sauberkeit

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Weitere Leistungen

Digitalisierung mit Mircosoft Office 365
Automotive Seminare
Automotive Audits