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TopQM VW Formula Q Training

ID 07-110
Language English
Clock 2 Days

Formula Q is a set of rules that contains all the requirements of the Volkswagen Group with regard to quality and project management in cooperation with partners in the supply chain. Compliance with these requirements is intended to ensure a smooth product development process and series delivery in the interests of the customer.

TopQM-Systems has developed a practical, easy-to-understand training course based on years of experience.

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Seminar contents


The focus is on communicating the requirements of the Volkswagen Group with regard to Formula Q concrete, Formula Q capability and Formula Q new parts integral. The participants receive a basic overview of Formula Q and go through the inquiry and awarding phase with the trainer. Furthermore, the product and process release is also in the focus of this training.
In addition, some applications, such as QPN, self-audit and QTR, will be explained to the participants.

Concept & Methods
During this training, technical lectures and group exercises alternate in order to support the transfer of the topics into the participants‘ own work environment with a particular focus on
exchanging experiences between participants and the trainer.

Target group

Executives and personnel from all parts of the process chain from planning, purchasing, manufacture, logistics and quality assurance.


No special prior knowledge is required.

Seminar documents

TopQM-Systems seminar materials.


After passing the test you will receive a TopQM certificate of qualification.

Retest will result in € 200,00 plus VAT or $ 200.00 (USD) per participant added to the invoice.